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Frustration With Ripple Pattern

Jeannie asks: "I am trying to make a baby afghan in the ripple pattern. It instructs me to work three rows of hdc (half double crochet) with one row of treble stitches in between. I have tried this pattern so many times that I've lost count. No matter how much I count, I can't get the treble stitch row to come out even (valleys and peaks to come out even). I am so frustrated but am determined to try to make it work because I think the pattern is beautiful. The book says it is a simple pattern. (They are either joking, or I am just not smart enough.) Is there any advice you have for me? Thanks so much!"

Editor's Comment

Dear Jeannie,
Since I don't have the advantage of seeing your particular pattern, I suggest you watch this excellent YouTube video about ripple pattern.

Joyce advises: "Regarding the trouble with ripple afghans: I, too, had some difficulty early on as I trusted the pattern VERBATIM. I counted and counted and counted, and the project got wider and wider. Finally, I discovered that the pattern gave inaccurate (or at LEAST ambiguous) instructions at the turn of a row and the start of the next. It involved the stitches skipped in the valley as well. Now I work a few test rows to sample the instructions before each project, and I know which patterns to modify and where, and I make notations accordingly. With afghans, I won't necessarily swatch for size because it isn't as important as with clothing. However, I do test to make sure the instructions are clear and accurate, and that I understand them. I have found more patterns with errors than I care to mention."

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