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Crochet Love

Beth is short and to the point: "I really enjoy reading this newsletter!"

Another Beth shares: "I love crochet! I taught myself a little over a year ago. I love looking at the patterns in your magazine and online. They give me inspiration to keep creating new and fun things. Every time I crochet a beanie, one of my five kids wears it, and then their friends want one too. Nothing is better than having teenagers asking for something that is handmade. Thank you for inspiring me."

Karen shares: "My daughter just bought me my first iPad. It is great fun to learn what it is capable of doing, especially all the crocheting books, patterns, etc., that are available. Crochet World is one of the first magazines I ordered digitally. Next, I want to try the online classes that look pretty exciting. I just turned 64 years old."

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