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Securing Tail Ends

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Mail Bag

Nolee writes: "I have been crocheting and teaching crochet for 35 years, but there is one question I cannot answer: When you are using multiple colors, how do you keep the ends intact when you are done hiding the threads? I even tried Fray Check, but it resulted in hardened ends that didn't work. Is there something available to use on yarn to keep edges from coming loose all the time? I've tried everything I can think of."

Editor's Comments

Dear Nolee,
Fray Check is my favorite way of keeping woven-in tails from coming loose. I do understand what you mean about the tail ends hardening, but I use it only sparingly. Have you tried weaving the ends in two directions? After you have pulled the tail through at least four stitches on the back of the work, take a "u-turn" with the tail and weave it into four more stitches. This should hold it securely.

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