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Kroh's Crochet Aid

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Once upon a time, I worked with people who had dementia in an adult day center at a hospital. I offered a weekly activity for those who knew how to crochet. It was at this point that I began to see how really therapeutic crochet can be in so many ways. We purchased the Kroh's Crochet Aid to have on hand, and I was called upon by the physical therapy department to assist a woman who had had a stroke and wanted to re-learn to crochet, a hobby she loved. So, I've had some firsthand experience and can recommend it.

This tool is a crocheting aid designed for use by individuals with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or neurological or other disabilities that limit upper extremity strength, dexterity or range of motion. This device consists of a hook-and-loop fastener band that wraps around the user's wrist or hand, and can be adjusted for the proper amount of yarn tension. A ring attached to the band has a small slit for the yarn to pass through, keeping the yarn from slipping through the side. A second ring, which wraps around the finger, has a slit in the top so that the yarn stays close to the fingertip and can be hooked to crochet.

Kroh's Crochet Aid is available from Access to Recreation for $15.95 and an instructional video is also available for $6 plus shipping and handling. If you try it, please let us know what you think.