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The Warmth of Home & Hearth

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Crocheters know the comfort they receive from a woolly crocheted sweater or a comfy, cozy shawl. Nothing is more appealing on a cold winter day than wrapping up in a handmade afghan and sitting by a roaring fire. Throw in a few minutes of crocheting while all wrapped up and your day will be complete!

An article I read in the Daily Herald newspaper on Jan. 12, 2013, "Textiles Can Add Much Warmth Around Your House," got me to thinking about the comfort and warmth brought to us by our crochet and by textiles in general. The article suggested bringing textiles into your living space to dress the home for winter. Textile designer Khristian A. Howell suggested putting your feet first. "A dramatic and easy way to change things up in a room is by bringing in a great rug. Sheepskin rugs are so wonderful for the winter months. They feel good underfoot and bring warmth into the room."

In the same article, Boston designer Ana Donohue suggests, "add silk elements to your decor to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. Using textiles to bring in exciting pops of color will rejuvenate your space and bring a smile to your face on those gloomy winter afternoons."

Crochet certainly does bring warmth to our hearts as we stitch away, as we gift it and as we use it in our own homes. I attended an art exhibit this month titled, OPEN HOUSE: Art About Home, at a local museum. The exhibit focused on artists' representations of home as they consider experiences, contents, memories and realities of home today. I was delighted to see crochet and lace represented throughout by the various artists in quite subtle ways sometimes, such as a tiny doily painted onto a table, but there nevertheless.