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Converting Patterns

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Peggy asks: "I would like to know the formula for converting yarn quantities from 3-ply sport-weight to 4-ply worsted-weight yarn and vice versa. I have some baby afghan patterns that would be great if they could be made larger, and there are some afghan patterns I would like to convert to baby blankets. I need a formula to follow so that I can purchase enough of the same dye lot for these types of projects. Thank you so much for your assistance."

Editor's Comments

Dear Peggy,
When reading the baby afghan pattern, you must first make a 4 X 4-inch swatch in the pattern stitch using worsted-weight yarn and an H hook. If you compare it to a 4 X 4-inch swatch done in sport-weight yarn, you will see how much bigger your pattern will be. Depending on how complicated the pattern stitch is, you could also just make your starting chain the approximate length that you want your finished adult afghan to be and crochet away using the baby pattern.

Here's another idea -- maybe it is time for a new pattern! There is an abundance of patterns available in both baby and adult sizes. Some are even free! In fact, we've provided a free afghan pattern for you in this issue. Do some searching on the Internet or in a craft store, and you just might come up with your new favorite pattern. Good luck!

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