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I receive a lot of emails from readers; some are heartwarming, and some are informative. Many others are asking for crochet help, and that is where you the readers are so helpful to me. I don't have the space to answer each and every reader response.

Zlata writes: "You are the most wonderful creative group I know of existing in the world! I just came up with this new idea and wanted to share it. I had a small box that I thought would be just the right size for storing my grandchildren's kitchen utensils and dishes that have been either bought or crocheted. The kids have lots of fun serving tea to their dolls. I wanted to store the items away neatly, so I took this small box and covered it with some material to look like a stove. I found some rickrack and sewed it all around the border on the top to look like the iron grates, and I crocheted small circles to look like the burners. I used buttons for the knobs."

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