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Book Review: Fashions to Flaunt, Crocheted With Noro Yarns

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Annie's Publishing has taken monumental strides to achieve what yarn manufacturers have been missing for years. If pattern support for upscale yarn in the form of fashion-forward designs, like those designed by Jenny King in this book, is provided, crocheters will flock to buy the yarn to make the lovely fashions! Fashions to Flaunt, Crocheted With Noro Yarns not only provides crocheters with 17 fashionable and unique designs, it also gives crocheters a great reason to try their hand at using the exquisite Noro Yarns, which can't be beat for color play.

We often think that fantastic yarn needs only simple stitches because the "yarn does the work." This talented designer has found a way to combine fabulous yarn and interesting stitches along with her flair for fashion. You will find much more than just same-old, same-old in this book, and more than likely, you'll want to make everything in it. No matter what your crochet interest, there is a pattern for you, ranging from slippers and wrist warmers to shawls and the more challenging Natalie Jacket and Stripy Skirt.

Available for $14.95 at, this hot-off-the-press publication will have you crocheting with glorious results all winter long.