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Help for Hidden Tails

Carolyn asks: "Concerning pulling the yarn from the center of skein -- I sometimes cannot find the end of the yarn in the center of the skein. What do you do if it is not evident? This has been a problem that has bugged me for years. I hope you have the secret to locating the end in the center."

C answers: "It occured to me when I was reading about the classic issue of what to pull and how to keep the outside of a skein neat ... what about putting it in a sock? I'm sure I have a few unmatched socks that could find a new life as a skein protector!"

Another Carolyn answers: "I have found a really neat way to 'fix' it when you can't find the inside tail of a skein. I empty orange-drink jugs, wash them out thoroughly, and then crochet a cover for them. Then I set it on the floor to hold the ball or skein of yarn so that the yarn doesn't bounce around."

Elizabeth answers: "In regard to pulling yarn from the outside or center of the skein: I'm sure many of us prefer to pull from the center, but I have found the trick of running yarn between my thumb and forefinger tells me which is the best way. Running fingers up and down the thread shows that one way feels smoother than the other. Sometimes it doesn't matter which way you crochet with the yarn, but I find that with some of the new soft yarns it does make a difference. Crocheting with the rough feeling running down the yarn from the cut end leads to more splitting of the yarn. So, my choice of drawing yarn from the center or the outside of the skein depends on how the yarn feels as I run it through my fingers."

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