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Keeping Patterns Organized

Mail Bag

I receive a lot of heartwarming and informative emails from readers, and I appreciate your taking time to write so much! Coming from far and near, the responses are an important part of this newsletter and often are the inspiration I need to write an article for the next issue!

Suzanne comments: "I always make a working copy of my pattern using my printer. Anytime I have repeats, I will write the number of rows for the repeats on the side and cross them off as I go. By the time I'm done, my pattern looks a mess, but my project doesn't."

Anjella suggests: "Another option to combat lost patterns is to utilize online electronic journal features such as Ravelry to keep track of projects. You can log pattern title, location, yarn, needle/hook sizes, etc."

Barbara writes: "Another way to avoid lost pattern: Make a copy of the instructions, save labels for the brand-name yarn with a sample of the yarn, the dates started and finished, also the size needle used to get the right gauge. Place all in a binder plastic sheet pocket. I also write notes and changes on the instructions. The original is put away for safekeeping so it stays clean. When I am finished, I place the plastic sheet pocket in a three-ring binder for future use."

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