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Crochet Buffet: A Feast for the Eyes

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The Northern Illinois Chapter of CGOA has successfully promoted crochet to the public for eight years with their annual "Crochet Buffet." Once a year, to celebrate National Crochet Month, their meeting room at the local library is set up like a buffet line and members with special interests in the various forms of crochet dish up a yummy display of crochet techniques, ideas and displays. Techniques, displayed at about 12 to 15 booths and ranging from granny squares to free-form crochet, with Irish, fashion and toys thrown in, become a smorgasbord for the senses that please the many visitors' palates.

Members have found that their efforts in creating the "buffet" are a wonderful way to educate the public about the many and varied forms of crochet technique, as well as to attract new members to their group. Seasoned members actually learn a thing or two from each other as well!