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Tangling Tails

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I receive a lot of heartwarming and informative emails from readers and appreciate so much you taking the time to write! Our readers seem to be as passionate about their dogs as they are about their crochet, and we've received some interesting crochet advice as well.

Gloria asks: "[After many] years of crocheting, I still have a question. Do you pull from the center of a skein or the outside? If you pull from the center, other than a paper clip, is there a clever way to keep the outside end from becoming tangled?"

Editor's Comments

Dear Gloria,
I definitely prefer to pull yarn from the center of the skein. Many yarn labels even have an arrow pointing to the end on which you will find the tail to pull. To prevent tangling, find the outside tail and wrap it around the skein, then tuck it under the label. Your paper clip idea sounds good also!

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