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Ripple Revelations

Barb writes: "I loved the article on the ripple stitch. My personal experience with this stitch has not been great. The initial ripple is always a frustrating experience and has led to ripping and finding another pattern for the yarn. Love the look, but just can't get it going correctly. Do you or your readers have any advice?"

Editor Comments

Dear Barb,
The key to the ripple pattern is count accuracy. The first row, which is the setup, is critical. From there, it is pretty much repetition. I find The Harmony Guide to Crocheting a very useful reference for getting started.

Janet comments: "Your most recent Talking Crochet newsletter featured the ripple STITCH. Such a stitch does not exist! It is a PATTERN that generally employs the use of chain stitch with single crochet, double crochet and/or treble crochet, in a wide variety of combinations. It is not a stitch in and of itself, but a combination of stitches that form a pattern."

Editor Comments

Dear Janet,
You are so right and thank you for making the clarification between stitch and pattern.

Marilyn asks: "I am an experienced crocheter who loves and is addicted to crochet! I have to say that I almost always have trouble with the stitch count in ripple patterns, especially if they are a special pattern like bobbles. It's a real challenge for me to take on a project with the ripple stitch! Currently I'm crocheting an afghan with four colors and a six-row repeat to add to the fun, and already, I'm close to tearing out my hair!"

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