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Holidays Are for Kids

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As the weather cools and a busy season of many and varied holidays is fast approaching, kids' eyes begin to light up with anticipation as, months before the actual occasions, stores begin to haul out an enticing array of decor, gifts and food to suit each one! Crocheters are right there to add to the fun with their careful selection of just the right colors and yarn choices to make each project memorable. Along the way, they learn stitches they may have never tried before, and they certainly bring a smile to the face of whichever friend or young person is the recipient of the celebratory finished project.

For many of us, these holiday projects become holiday traditions, treasured and kept carefully packed away from year to year. When the time is right, they are unpacked and displayed with great fanfare to the delight of kids young and old. A twinkle in the eye that nearly matches the sparkle of the yarn lights up the room as children of all ages are in awe of a precious baby in a pumpkin hat, a yarn turkey with perhaps some candy hidden inside, or a Christmas stocking personalized so it becomes a family heirloom!

What are some of your treasured holiday projects?