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Pattern Error Help

Dear Editor,

"I much enjoyed your article concerning correcting pattern errors, but I thought it might be nice to remind readers that pattern corrections can often be found -- as with Crochet World -- on a magazine's website. When crocheting a baby sweater this past spring from a magazine issue that was several years old, I ran into a problem. I checked Crochet World's website, and the corrections were still posted there. Several round changes had been left out for the shoulders, and once I got the corrections, I was able to complete the project!" -- Ruth

Editor's Comments

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for the helpful reminder. Typically, when there is an error in a printed pattern, it will be found shortly after publication, and the editor will be notified. Many publishers add pattern corrections to their websites as that is one of the easiest ways to make sure everyone can quickly find the information they need and correct their problems. -- Editor

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