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Chain-Free Method

Dear Editor,

"To answer the reader who had trouble with the amount of beginning chains at the start of her work, she could also use a chain-free foundation to start her work. With this method, you always work right amount of stitches needed since you aren't restricted to a certain amount of chains. It does help if you are good with math, but as you say, it isn't essential, because working with a simple chart can sometimes help to 'tweak' what is wrong with a pattern row. Best wishes!" -- Ivy.

Editor's Comments

Dear Ivy,

You are correct when you say using a chain-free foundation solves the problem of not having the right amount of chains to work your first row. If you aren't familiar with the no-chain or chain-free technique, you can find an online tutorial on YouTube if you would like to know what Ivy is talking about! -- Editor

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