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Men Reply

From far and near, your responses are an important part of this newsletter. Men overwhelmingly came through, and it is great to know that our beloved crochet does not discriminate!

Tom writes: "For the most part, I like patterns that I find out there. I do wish there were more patterns for men, though I find that there are VERY FEW patterns for men's clothing compared to women's and children's articles of clothing. I really wish that there were more patterns for sweaters, sweater vests and even scarves for men. Why aren't there lighter-weight yarns being used that men would be more likely to wear? Men tend to be hotter and don't want heavier patterns that will weigh a ton and make them hotter than Hades!"

Editor's Note

Tom is a member of my CGOA local chapter. He is unique not only because he is the only man in our chapter, but because he and his wife have eight children, and he is an excellent crocheter who explores and understands the many innovations of crochet. (How on earth he finds time to crochet so well is beyond me!)

Jo-Ann writes: "I certainly have a man in my life, but to find the bigger size sweaters, and even worse, to find crochet for him sizes XXL or XXXL with open fronts is challenging. I would so enjoy finding the perfect sweater jacket for him!"

Martha says: "I have taught men as well as ladies how to crochet and knit. Most men catch on just as easily as the women. I myself had a man teach me how to do many of the more difficult stitches that my mom (a lefty) could not teach me (a righty)."

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