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This story doesn't really have a lot to do with crochet, but I wanted to share it with you as a testament to the fact that sometimes, in today's hectic life, we fail to notice the tiny details that could become a heartwarming memory for us and those around us. Thanks to my grandson, one of the "seemingly insignificant" details will now live forever in my heart and mind, and in those of my family.

While visiting my hometown recently, my father and I, along with my daughter and my 4-year-old grandson, paid a visit to my mother's gravesite. I will confess, it had been some years since I had made the trek to the cemetery. Even though Mom has been gone for over 30 years, it is still difficult for me to see the headstone that bears her name since she died so young and has missed so much of our lives.

My grandson, who still doesn't grasp the concept of death, was filled with questions about when we'd get to see Grandma Billy again, and if we could take her back home with us to Texas. I stood there atop mother's resting place for several minutes trying desperately to simplify for him our view of Heaven and the afterlife before he fell silent. Suddenly, he bent over and used his little fingers to scrape away a bit of dirt from a small bare spot in front of where I was standing, extracting something with his tiny hand.

"Lookie, Grandma," he said, raising his hand toward me. "It's a star!" I looked down and saw that he held what looked like the remains of some sort of a plastic sticker about the size of a quarter. It was a little discolored on the edges where it had been covered in dirt, but it was definitely a star. "Here, Grandma, it's for you!" he said, pressing it into my hand. Tears filled my eyes as we filed back to the truck, and I realized that all the time I was standing there, I had not seen the silver, glittery star half-covered in the dirt at my feet. It took a child whose mind wasn't cluttered with all of the day-to-day worries and thoughts of an adult to find the beauty buried there in the dirt.

After returning to the hotel later that day, I called my husband and told him about the star I now hold so dear. I could hear the break in his voice when he told me how special he thought it was that our grandson was the one to find the star and present it to me. It is just a flimsy piece of plastic, but to me, and hopefully someday to my grandson, it will signify the love that binds our family, even when some of us are no longer around.

Soon, I plan to mount what I now call "Mom's star" in a frame along with a picture of my grandson. As my contribution, and another testament to my mother, I will add a crocheted edging to the inside of the frame. Then inside the backing, I will add a hand-written note detailing the story for future generations and place the frame on display along with our other family photos.

When your life begins to get hectic, and the tasks of just getting through the day become all-consuming, remember to stop and look around. You never know when the smallest action on your part might lead to a heartfelt moment in the life of someone else!

Wonders never cease!

Happy stitching!

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Jennifer McClain
editor, Talking Crochet newsletter

Jennifer McClain entered the crochet world in 1984 when she took a position as a pattern tester with Annie's Attic in Big Sandy, Texas. Since then, her name has become well known as an editor, designer and teacher. Despite being born in central Kansas, Jennifer considers herself a "native" Texan and still resides just outside Big Sandy with her husband, L.D.

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