Meet the Designer – Gwen Buttke McGannon

The August issue of Crochet World features the most stunning shawl designed by Gwen Buttke McGannon. The Elvia Shawl is the kind of project you savor and take your time making because you just don’t want it to end! Crocheted in size 10 thread, it would be just as beautiful in a single color to complete the perfect wedding ensemble.

The lacy motifs are fun to make and are join-as-you-go. The beautiful edging incorporates a pretty Bruges lace round adding just the right finishing touch.

Gwen shared more about how she learned to crochet and the Eliva Shawl in our August issue.

Gwen says: “My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was in grade school. It was a tricky way to learn as I am left-handed and she was right-handed. Right away I enjoyed crochet more, and I created some clothes for my Barbie and a pencil pouch that I used for many years. I did not crochet or knit again until I was in college and was reintroduced to both crafts. I fell in love with crochet all over again!

I enjoy exploring the many facets of crochet, from lace to Tunisian and everything else in between. My love for crocheting with thread blossomed as I started making hair clips and ponytail holders for my daughter, then for my Etsy shop, gwengoods. I love making beautiful accessories. I crochet every day, and when leaving home I always have something to work on as I may find time to crochet a few stitches here and there, anywhere. I love exploring all the infinite possibilities within the art of crochet, and don’t think I will ever grow tired of trying new techniques and creating new designs.

I love creating multicolored motifs that incorporate joins worked as you crochet, as it creates a flawless look. In creating the motifs for the Elvia Shawl, I thought it would be fun to have a special cluster stitch repeat within the different rounds.

When I am making many motifs for a project, I start with the first color and crochet all the motifs through the final round in that color, then I continue with the second color and any remaining colors in the same way. It makes it easy to ensure all motifs are turning out the same, and a side benefit is that you can usually memorize the rounds crocheted in each color so the work goes quickly. Also, I can pack my project bag with the current color and crochet on the go!”

The Elvia Shawl pattern along with 21 other designs perfect for summer stitching can be purchased here.

Looking for more crochet inspiration and design ideas? Try a free issue of Crochet World magazine on us! Click here.


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August 2018 – Sneak Peek

The August issue of Crochet World is now available digitally here and will be available on the newsstands June 27th. With over 20 designs, it is always difficult for me to narrow down just a few projects to feature on the blog. So remember you can see all the designs on the Crochet World website.

This issue features projects that are perfect summertime companions for travelling and vacationing. Everything in the Done in One chapter is super-portable as you only need one ball of yarn to make each project!

I have Gwen McGannon’s Sabrina Shawl on my “to do” list. It is so pretty in Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball. I love how the long color repeats melt from one color to another.

In our Something Old Made New! chapter we have taken traditional crochet techniques and given them an updated look. Of course, Margret Willson’s Tunisian Argyle Throw on the cover is a show stopper!

Equally stunning is Jennifer Raymond’s Blooming Broomstick Lace Throw.

And the Fan-Dango Shrug by Annette Stewart uses a variation of the bullion stitch that is not only super-pretty, but practical for overly air-conditioned buildings. Annette’s tutorial walks you through her variation of this traditional stitch.

If you love thread you’ll find the quick and easy Floral Fling doily just right for summer stitching. It makes a great gift too!

But, if you are looking for a project to enjoy and take your time making, Gemma Owen’s Linen & Lace Table Runner is stunning! Make it as large or small as you need. Crochet the motifs first and then join them later when you have enough made.

I love the ease of NTmaglia’s Net Lace Top. What a perfect top for summer!

Of course, you’ll find items for your home in this issue too, including this fun set of Zigzag Baskets!

And last but not least, you’ll find this cute and cuddly Roarrry Dinosaur pillow just perfect for your little dinosaur-loving friends!

See all 22 projects here and make sure to pick up your copy of Crochet World on the newsstands beginning June 27 or try a free issue of Crochet World magazine on us!


Join us in Tuscany!

Have you ever thought about taking a craft tour? Craft tours are customized trips that appeal to crafters who love to travel.

Have you ever thought of traveling the Tuscany region? We have a special trip planned to this beautiful area of Italy taking in all the beautiful scenery, delicious food and of course time for crocheting and learning new things.

Santa Maria del Fiore the Florence Duomo in the evening sun.

Not only do you get to travel with an ethusastic group of crocheters and take classes with celebrity designer and instructor Lily Chin, but we’ll tour an Italian yarn factory, go on a shopping expedition in the Florentine market places, take a Tuscan cooking class with an Italian “Mama” chef and enjoy what we prepare during a delicious five course meal at a lovely Italian vineyard.

We’ll visit the studio of a master Florentine mosaic artist and taking sightseeing trips to Florence, San Gimignano and Cinque Terre.

You’ll enjoy traveling with celebrity crocheter, Lily Chin, taking classes along the way as you are inspired by the beautiful landscape.

Won’t you join us October 20-28 and take the trip of a lifetime! Learn more here.


Meet the Designer – Juliette Bezold

Today I would like to introduce you to Juliette Bezold, the designer of the beautiful Tunisian crochet poncho from the June 2017 issue of Crochet World.

We asked Juliette to share with us about her love of crochet and a few tips for crocheting the Setting Sun poncho.

Juliette says, “My lifelong passion for design, especially textile and fiber arts, began in my youth. Though my mother taught me to knit when I was around 8, what I really wanted to learn was crochet, but no one in my family knew how. I taught myself out of a book, and I haven’t put down a hook since!

Design plays a large role in my life. I have a design degree, and my career as an interior designer keeps me on top of the latest trends. I also love to sew, especially elaborate Victorian period costumes. But through it all has been my crochet. Finally I realized that it was time to combine my love of design with my love of crochet and begin a new adventure as a crochet designer!

In my designs, my focus is on wearable crochet: garments and accessories. My favorite items both to design and wear are cardigans. I have a deep love of the detailed and intricate; so my designs are often geared toward the intermediate to advanced crocheter looking for technical interest. I have a particular passion of Tunisian crochet, especially Tunisian lace.”

Here are a few tips from Juliette to keep in mind as you crochet the Setting Sun poncho:

  • Blocking is necessary to obtain gauge for this pattern. It helps to open and stretch out the extended stitches. Be sure to wet-block your gauge swatch before measuring it. Before blocking the poncho will not lay flat, but will appear puckered and gathered. Do not fear, this is normal. It will even out after blocking.
  • I was inspired to create this pattern by playing with self-striping yarn. If you want a wool poncho for winter, find a sport- or DK-weight self-striping yarn. The lengthwise bars will look more like stripes and the bars worked vertically will look more like solid blocks of color. For a variation, instead of Clones knots for the border, add a short fringe around the bottom edge.
  • Clones knots can seem challenging at first. Try to wrap the yarn a little looser around your hook than you normally would so it is easier to draw the hook through all the loops at once when completing the knot.

Juliette’s Tunisian designs are just stunning! If you love Tunisian crochet you may also want to try your hand at her gorgeous Miyabita Cardigan featured in the summer 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine.

Or her pretty Portsmouth Poncho from the winter 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Tunisian crochet designs with us Juliette! To see more of her stunning designs, check out her Ravelry page.

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Easy, Breezy Crochet Lace

Spring is in full bloom and we have the perfect pattern collection for warm weather crocheting.

The new spring Crochet! special edition, Easy, Breezy Crochet Lace features a collection of more than 35 fresh crochet designs inspired by the latest trends and vintage lace techniques.

You’ll find a wonderful variety of lacy crochet projects, from quick-to-make fashion accessories including the Verde Lace Cowl crocheted in a pretty mixed fiber yarn, which in combination with lacy Solomon’s knots makes it look more complicated that it is to stitch. I recently tried Solomon’s knots and found I love crocheting them! If you have never worked the Solomon’s knot stitch before, watch our tutorial here.

Or make the Color-Block Cross Body Bag which is perfect for warm weather travel. The solid areas of single crochet really make the lace pop!

I love these fun, trendy Bohemian Wristlets which are crocheted from embroidery floss! Choose your favorite colors or use up floss in your stash and make these cute bracelets for quick and easy warm weather gifts!

There are plenty of beautiful lacy garments too. Make this pretty Venice Lace Top in no time! Wear it with your favorite jeans, or under a jacket for a dressy look.

The Diamond Line Tunic is sure to catch your attention too! This breezy lace tunic is based on a design from an antique antimacassar with results that are surprisingly modern and right on trend!

You’ll find a variety of pretty shawls perfect for warm-weather including this unusual Pegasus Wrap, with its striking, wing-like shape.

There are also projects for the home including a lacy mandala wall hanging, a pillow, an exploded lace doily rug and four beautiful throws, all showing off unique and gorgeous lace patterns at their best.

With this issue packed with inspiration, we’re sure you’ll spend many happy hours adding touches of trendy crochet lace to your wardrobe and home! Get your copy today!