Sequin-tial Moebius CAL Pattern Available Until March 9th!

We were sorry to hear that many of you missed joining our Sequin-tial Moebius CAL. Good news! The pattern is available here just until March 9!

Sequin-tial Moebius_2

Blog posts about the CAL from January 28 though February 11 share information from designer Carrie Carpenter offering helpful tips and information.

We hope you enjoy making your own version of the Sequin-tial Moebius, but remember the pattern is free just until March 9, 2015!

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Make it Personal

We are always so excited when readers share what they have made from the pages of Crochet World. We love to see how you take a pattern, personalize it, and make it your own.

Here are a few recent projects readers have shared with us.

1141842865_14A_Snowman (2) (683x1024)

The Snowman Lights in the December 2014 issue were very popular with our readers and many added their own unique touches.

Snowman Lights

Melissa added hats and scarves and even an orange glow to the noses using colored caulk! How clever!

1006841412_08_BoldBea160 (2) (427x640)

The Bold and Beautiful Tote featured on the cover of the August 2014 issue was very popular with our readers and your variations were fun to see.

Bold & Beautiful Tote

Here is Sintha’s version posted on Facebook. Great use of color!

Color-Block Bag

One of my favorite designs from the February 2015 issue is the Color-Block Bag. It can be dressed up for a night on the town like in the photo from the magazine, or you could create a more casual, everyday look just by changing the yarn and the colors.

Color-Block Bag-2

Here is Joy’s version crocheted for a friend that goes on a lot of cruises. It’s just perfect! The nautical theme is very fun!

I would love to see how you have personalized your favorite Crochet World pattern. Send me an email at and be sure to include a picture!

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Right on the Button


The buttons we choose for our beautiful crocheted sweater or jacket can either make or break the overall appearance of the garment, but choosing the right one can sometimes be more difficult than you might think. Here are some hints for finding the perfect button that will enhance your garment rather than detract from it (or worse, cause an unexpected “wardrobe malfunction”).

  • Try to purchase your buttons before making the button bands. That way, you can pick the button without fear that the buttonhole will be too large or too small. Once the buttons are chosen, you can make the buttonhole to fit the button.
  • Take along a gauge swatch when button shopping and if possible, stitch a small buttonhole band onto the swatch, using a couple of different size buttonholes. At the store, you’ll be able to try the buttons on your buttonholes to see how they look on your garment and which ones work best.
  • Decide whether your garment needs buttons that stand out as part of the overall design, or whether they should be unobtrusive. You may want to match the yarn color, or you may find that a great-looking contrasting color gives the best appearance.
  • Scale is important. Make sure the buttons you choose are appropriately sized for your garment. Tiny buttons belong on garments made with fine yarns, and large buttons look better on garments made with heavy yarns.
  • Shank buttons generally work better on thicker, more solid crocheted fabrics; they are easier to apply and provide good stability.
  • To sew on buttons, use sewing or embroidery thread in a matching color. A button can be stabilized to prevent wobbling, drooping or pulling through the crocheted fabric by adding a small “stay” button on the wrong side of the fabric. The designer button on the right side of the fabric and the stay button on the wrong side are sewn on at the same time in one operation.
  • Choose a stay button that is flat and at least as large as the designer button. Use a button with two holes for a designer button with two holes or a shank. Use a 4-hole stay button with a 4-hole designer button.
  • Some sweater or jacket designs are perfect for mixing different button styles on one garment. You can create some fun, unique looks, and it’s a great way to use some of those lovely one-of-a kind buttons in your button box!
  • If you are using buttons that are non-washable or require special cleaning, fasten them onto the garment with button pins. These special safety pins have a curve to accommodate the button and allow easy removal of the button for cleaning.
  • If you can’t find the right button for your garment at the store, make your own! You can find patterns for many different styles of crocheted buttons from glitzy and elegant to casual and whimsical.


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Sequin-tial Moebius CAL Ends!

The Sequin-tial Moebius Crochet-Along ended on February 11 and we hope to show photos of your finished projects soon. You can post your pictures on the Ravelry Crochet World group discussion page and we’ll also post them on the blog.

Sequin-tial Moebius_1

The Sequin-tial Moebius pattern was the free web pattern from our February 2015 issue. The April 2015 digital issue has now been posted on the Crochet World website, so unfortunately the free pattern for February is no longer posted. The February issue is still available as a download and includes all 26 patterns from that issue!

I especially want to thank designer, Carrie Carpenter for leading our first CAL of the year!

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Crochet-Along Part 3

Designer, Carrie Carpenter, shares her final thoughts with us as we finish up our Crochet-Along.

“I hope you have finished up your Sequin-tial Moebius and love it as much as I love mine!  It was definitely one of my most rewarding designs.  If you haven’t already, you can do a light blocking before sewing the seam. If you are confused by making the twist of the Moebius, don’t be. Just lay the cowl on a flat surface and flip one short end so that there is a twist. Now you can sew the two short ends together.  And, you’re done!”

Sequin-tial Moebius_2

The twist created by applying the Moebius concept to your project allows you to wear your cowl in a variety of different ways. Try it twisted around your neck once, pulling the rest of the cowl up over your head on a snowy day. Or wear it around your shoulders next time you find yourself in an overly air-conditioned restaurant this summer. No matter how you decide to wear it, you are sure to get compliments!


Remember to post your finished project on Facebook and Ravelry and we’ll post your name and finished project here in the next few weeks.

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