On the Fringe!

Fringe can add a simple, yet elegant finishing touch to many crochet projects, including shawls, fashion accessories, blankets, rugs, pillows, and other home decor items.

Today we’ve included instructions for three styles of fringe that can take your crochet projects from pretty to wow!

Single-knot Fringe

Basic, single-knot fringe is perhaps the most widely used type for many crochet projects. It is easily created by cutting a specified number of stands of yarn the desired length, folding them in half and securing them to the project as shown here. After the fringe has been added, trim the ends even.

Single knot fringe_steps 1 and 2 Single knot fringe_steps 3 and 4

Here’s a helpful tip: Find a hardcover book half the desired length of your fringe and wrap your yarn around the book as many times as the number of strands needed. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along the indent created by the cover.

Double-knot & Triple-knot Fringe

For a lacy, honeycomb-type edging that’s easy to make, try double-knot or triple-knot fringe, which is sometimes referred to as macramé fringe. Keep in mind that you are adding more knots, so you’ll want to cut your strands of yarn about twice as long as you want the finished fringe. To make the double-knot fringe, first work single-knot fringe, then, working from left to right, take half the strands from one single-knot fringe and half the strand from the next and knot them together as shown here approximately 1-1/2 inches lower that the row of single-knot fringe. Continue across, dividing each fringe and knotting it to the next.

Double knot fringe_color

To make the triple-knot fringe, first work single-knot and double-knot fringe. Then, working from right to left, tie a third row of knots.

Triple knot fringe_color

We hope you’ll enjoy adding fringe to your next project. Those special finishing touches can really make all the difference!

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What’s Your Favorite Yarn?

We all have a favorite yarn that we go back to time and time again. It feels like an familiar friend as we stitch with it; we know what to expect and we know the results will be to our liking.

One such yarn is Red Heart which was voted America’s Most Recommended Yarn Brand by the Women’s Choice Award for 2015! For over 75 years,  millions of crocheters have trusted Red Heart to provide them with quality yarns in a large color range, ideally suited for a vast array of creative crafting projects.

Today, we thought we would share some other favorite ‘go to’ yarns with you and hope you will tell us about your favorite yarns too!

IMG_3579 copy 3.JPG

 Caron Simply Soft has long been one of my favorite basic yarns. During my years as a crochet designer, I created many designs with this popular medium-weight yarn, including garments, fashion accessories, home decor items and even doll outfits. It has a lovely hand that is so nice to work with and the soft drape is excellent for wearables and afghans. The subtle sheen gives projects a rich, elegant look. You can purchase the pattern for A Cinderella Dream doll dress here.


Crystal Palace Mochi Plus is one of my top favorite fashion yarns. This fabulous, slow-striping worsted weight yarn has so many gorgeous colorways you can create almost any fashion look you want. The merino wool/nylon blend is soft and warm yet delightfully light and comfortable. The Star Zag Crochet Shawl, an Annie’s Signature Design by Lena Skvagerson is shown here in the English Garden colorway.


Jackie Daugherty, our managing editor for crochet publications, loves Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted for its great color range. The touch of wool adds warmth to projects without the itch. Try your hand at these cute Skully Hats which would make great Christmas gifts.


Another current favorite from Jackie, is Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop. Soft and silky, this DK weight yarn is perfect for year-round use and warmer climates. Its soft texture and shine give it an elegant look for shawls, tops and other fashion accessories. An affordable luxurious yarn, the color range is spectacular. Try a scarf for a first experience or go for it and make the Lazy Daisy Top pictured here.

We have enjoyed sharing our favorite yarns with you and hope you will tell us about your go-to favorites! Who knows, we may have to add a few more yarns to our list!

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A Color By Any Other Name

We all love those pretty, colorful yarns that we can buy in an almost endless variety of shades, ranging from muted neutrals to neon brights. Whether solid or multi-hued, we can usually find just the right colors we want to create eye-catching crochet projects for ourselves or our family and friends.

Many of us don’t often think about what the dye mixes or color classifications printed on yarn skein bands actually mean. We just know whether or not we like a particular color and if it’s absolutely perfect for that special project we want to crochet.

But have you ever wondered what some of those unusual color names on yarn wrappers mean? The colors may be lovely, but were it not for the benefit of having the yarn in your hands to see the actual color, you might not have a clue what the shade name means.

Test your color savvy by seeing how many of the following names you can match with their descriptions. I hope you’ll find this color-name game both fun and informative, and the next time you buy yarn with an odd-sounding shade name, you might actually know what it means! The answers are at the end (no fair peeking!).

color name chart

Color Name March Game Answers: 1 i; 2 j; 3 r; 4 a; 5 x; 6 b; 7 p; 8 q; 9 n; 10 m; 11 e; 12 w; 13 d; 14 u; 15 h; 16 y; 17 t; 18 v; 19 k; 20 c; 21 o; 22 l; 23 g; 24 s; 25 f.



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Learn a New Stitch!

As crocheters, we love to try our hand at new projects and stitches.

Today, let’s talk about the crocodile stitch, which has become so popular. This highly textural stitch adds interest to all sorts of projects.


In the August issue of Crochet World, designer Dorothy Warrell used the crocodile stitch to make her beautiful Rippling Waters Handbag. Perfect for summer, stitched in soft blues and sea greens, it really does remind you of the ocean or a lake on a windy day. Crochet the handbag in autumn shades for the look of fall-colored leaves rustling in the breeze.

Rippling Waters Handbag_Crochet World Aug2015

If you have never worked the crocodile stitch, look here for a simple quick tutorial and give it a try!

Or you might want to take a class and really explore the crocodile stitch in more detail. Designer and expert teacher, Deb Arch, will guide you through all the ins and outs of this fun stitch as you crochet the exclusive projects included in this class. Watch a short introduction to the class here.


We would love to see your finished projects using the crocodile stitch. So, go ahead! Try something new!

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The World’s Biggest Stocking!

Caron Yarn is doing a fabulous giving initiative. Their goal is to create the World’s Largest Stocking. It will be made of 3′ x 3′ sized blankets donated by crafters!


Here’s what you do:

Get your yarn –  you can use any worsted weight yarn but consider using Caron United Yarn as $.15 of each skein sold will go to Children of Fallen Patriots, a charity which provides college scholarships and long-term educational counseling to children of fallen patriots.

Make a 36″ x 36″ blanket. It can be crocheted or knitted from your own pattern or one of the free crochet or knit patterns available here.

Mail in your blanket to: Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project, 1481 West 2nd Street, Washington, NC 27889-4157

Their team will sew the donated blankets together to create the stocking.

The Guinness Book of World’s records will determine if they reached their goal!

Then, the stocking will be dis-assembled and the individual blankets donated to people in need!

You can also read about the program on the Caron website here.

Other interesting links:

About Children of Fallen Patriots & Caron United yarn: http://blog.yarnspirations.com/about-fallen-patriots-2/

Share your square picture gallery: http://blog.yarnspirations.com/share-your-square/

Patterns: http://blog.yarnspirations.com/blanket-square-patterns/

World’s Biggest Stocking information page: http://www.yarnspirations.com/worlds-biggest-stocking/

FAQ: http://blog.yarnspirations.com/worlds-biggest-stocking-faq/

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