Score Points with Your Crocheter!

People who live with crocheters often don’t know a lot about our love of crochet. Print this list and leave it in a conspicuous spot, or better yet, make a copy and just hand it to them and share some ways they can earn points!


  • Ask what project she’s working on. (+1 point)
  • Talk about what special yarn she’ll need. (+5 points)
  • Ask her “What are you knitting now?” (-20 points)

Offer Help

  • When she runs out of yarn, offer to go buy more. (+1 point)
  • In a snowstorm. (+10 points)
  • But come back with snacks for the football game! (-25 points)

Household Chores

  • Organize her yarn closet. (+5 points)
  • By color. (+ 10 points)
  • Ask her which skeins you should throw out. (-15 points)


  • Push the cart for her in the store. (+1 point)
  • Point out the sales on yarn. (+10 points)
  • Help her reach the skeins on the upper shelves. (+10 points)
  • Offer to pay for the yarn. (+25 points)
  • Ask, “Now can we go to the hardware store?” (-10 points)


  • Watch craft shows with her. (+1 point)
  • Change to ESPN during commercials. (-10 points)
  • Record any shows relating to crochet. (+10 points)
  • Over your wedding video! (-25 points)

Home Decorating

  • Notice when she makes a new crocheted blanket. (+5 points)
  • Mention it doesn’t match the living room décor! (-10 points)
  • So you hide it under the cushions. (-25 points)


  • When she asks for advice, you look interested. (+1 point)
  • You listen for over 30 minutes. (+10 points)
  • You listen for more than 30 minutes without looking at the TV! (+100 points)
  • She realizes this is because you fell asleep. (-50 points)

Adapted from an article by Cindy Long, Crochet! magazine, November 2008

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