Join us in Tuscany!

Have you ever thought about taking a craft tour? Craft tours are customized trips that appeal to crafters who love to travel.

Have you ever thought of traveling the Tuscany region? We have a special trip planned to this beautiful area of Italy taking in all the beautiful scenery, delicious food and of course time for crocheting and learning new things.

Santa Maria del Fiore the Florence Duomo in the evening sun.

Not only do you get to travel with an ethusastic group of crocheters and take classes with celebrity designer and instructor Lily Chin, but we’ll tour an Italian yarn factory, go on a shopping expedition in the Florentine market places, take a Tuscan cooking class with an Italian “Mama” chef and enjoy what we prepare during a delicious five course meal at a lovely Italian vineyard.

We’ll visit the studio of a master Florentine mosaic artist and taking sightseeing trips to Florence, San Gimignano and Cinque Terre.

You’ll enjoy traveling with celebrity crocheter, Lily Chin, taking classes along the way as you are inspired by the beautiful landscape.

Won’t you join us October 20-28 and take the trip of a lifetime! Learn more here.


12 Responses to Join us in Tuscany!

  1. Rozann Gilbert says:

    Would love more information on the trip starting from London.

    • Jackie Daugherty says:

      Rozann, if you call Craftours at 877-887-1188 toll free, they will help you plan your trip from London and hook up with the group in Italy.

  2. Vivian says:

    Looks good, would love to come along.

  3. Pearl Anderson says:

    I wanted to check out the registration for this trip and cost. I do not see the information.

  4. Rita says:

    This sounds really interesting. Can I get more information and the price?

  5. Barbara Chalifoux says:

    What are the costs?

  6. Carol Derbis says:

    I am seriously considering this. I have a couple of reservations, though.
    Seems group is leaving from New York. I will then have to fly from San Diego…okay – HOW do I find you when I arrive NY?
    I don’t really like NY airports…and surely, at my age, do not want to wander around the airport trying to find someone who may not be there. I have thought seriously about this trip and even dreamed about it.

    • Jackie Daugherty says:

      Carol, if you call Craftours at 877-887-1188 toll free, they will help you plan your trip from the west coast and hook up with the group.

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