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New Skills: Fear Them Not!

My recent column on skill levels got lots of great reader feedback! I'm happy to learn that many of you agree with me about grappling with new skills boldly, as in these notes from readers:

Anne wrote: "Your article on skill levels was extremely interesting. I, too, have a great thirst for crochet skills. Over the years, I have made over 100 afghans of all shapes and sizes, ponchos galore, jackets, coats, etc. I now have a granddaughter who is 1 month old and have decided to try amigurumi toys. It's a completely different skill set! I find myself using more of the American patterns (I am British) because they offer more variety. My first attempt at two wee dolls was successful but could not be given to my granddaughter as I was not comfortable about how loose the stitches were and worried about wee fingers having easy access to the stuffing! However, I am now trying an alpaca from Stacey Trock's book Crocheted Softies. My husband bought me this book, and it explains so clearly how to 'keep it tight!' Now all I need to do is work out how the yarn I have access to matches the thickness of the American yarn she uses in her patterns! Hey ho, yet another crocheting skill!"

Janet wrote: "In your July 30 newsletter you talked about skill levels. My conclusion from 60 years of crocheting is that sometimes a skill level listing can hold a person back from trying something new. It has for me at times. Your article was encouraging. If a crocheter finds a pattern she likes the looks of, she should try it even though she might think she isnít skilled enough. She just might surprise herself with something new. Just go for it! Try something new!"

Roberta wrote: "Loved your article on 'keep trying.' All things are possible with some effort or learning. For example I didn't know how to knit but have crocheted since I was 6 years old. I love crocheting and learned Tunisian crochet, so one day I took a pattern for a knit sweater and decided to use this technique to make a knitted vest I was admiring. It turned out fantastic! I have since learned how to knit, but this vest is still among my favorite things to wear when the weather starts getting cool. Thank you for sending encouragement to all the people who haven't tried something new in crocheting. That is the most fun, learning to make crocheted items into something you thought you would not be able to do or that are a challenge."

If you've recently learned a new skill, or if there is one you want to learn, please write and let us know!