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Crochet as Health Food

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The soothing rhythm and relaxing effect of crochet is no surprise to seasoned crocheters, but are we doing enough to promote its healthful benefits to those who are looking to improve their well-being? The newspaper Leicester Mercury in Leicester, England, reported on a group that puts health in the spotlight at events called "Wellbeing Wednesdays."

Crochet features prominently in what they called "crochet cafes," which are part of the scheme to improve people's health and well-being through cultural activities along with dance workshops and history walks. Taking place in libraries, museums, and arts and voluntary groups, 60 events were offered during the monthlong event recently.

The Leicestershire County Council is one of the sponsors and David Sprason, acting deputy director, said: "Taking part in cultural activities can really boost your health and well-being."

What a great way to promote crochet and to introduce it as a healthy alternative to mindless eating! Crochet keeps our hands busy, and we think less about eating junk food while occupied with hook in hand! Do you teach crochet or belong to a guild chapter? Ask your local library if they have thought of offering crochet as a part of well-being programs they might be offering. Get involved in your community!